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The Fire Element

Fire Chinese Zodiac Element

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Fire people are impulsive, charming, enthusiastic, and emotionally restless, yet burning bright like the element you were born under. You are the natural leaders of the world.

Your decisive actions and presence inspire others, which is why you probably enjoy adventures of all sorts. You act on instinct, but also think over new ideas and solutions to the everyday problem. Your love life is combustible in a very good way, able to see to the core of an issue and finding a way to make it work between you and your special someone.

When you believe in a cause that is important, your mind cannot be swayed. This makes you look single-minded, so be careful how you present yourself.

Yin & Yang

Yin & Yang Of Chinese Element Fire

Yang Fire would function as the burning heater, the stove, bonfires, volcanoes as well as the Sun.

Yin Fire would function as the well-lighted candlestick, the delicate warmth of a healing hands, incense, nightlights. Red wine, pyramids, and cones can also be noticed to help activate the Fire element.

Yang Fire individuals have an inclination to erupt and burn up, though Yin Fire individuals have a means of emanating a warm glow. Yang Fire persons are usually pretty belligerent, even going to the aim of bullying, although Yin Fire persons are generally far better leaders due to their capability to acquire other people to 'heat up' for them making use of their level of responsiveness and excellent sense of humor. However make absolutely no misunderstanding Fire types enjoy being in control, and all sorts of Fire types are usually unpredictable.

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