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The Water Element

Water Chinese Zodiac Element

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The water people are the ones that are fluid and simply go with the flow. You have a quiet charm and strength allowing you to be diplomatic, intuitive, creative, and captivating.

Masters of persuasion, you gain trust and affection, and a following because of it. You know how to make everyone feel special. Be careful not to become passive, though. Be yourself, not what everyone wants you to be.

Like water, flow freely and give of yourself only what you wish, and take what they offer in return without compromising the real you.

Yin & Yang

Yin & Yang Of Chinese Element Water

The Yang Water persons are likely to end up self-focused, substantial, and travel substantially. These people are usually smooth talkers.

Yin Water persons are generally psychically blessed with serious thoughts. Their own pure communicatory capability can often be focused towards the Metaphysical or Spirit world.

While Water types love to take a trip on a vacation, they aren't necessarily the ones taking the particular Adventure tours. These people choose the well visited paths.

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