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The Wood Element

Wood Chinese Zodiac Element

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Those born under the element of wood look for growth and renewal in everything. You like to 'branch out', and you have open minds, making you compassionate and generous.

You understand the value that you possess as well as the value of others. You are strong and confident and firm enough in your convictions to act on them. Your strength is the support of any social group or individual partnership you are currently involved in.

Beware though. That strength sometimes makes you passive and too logical in your thinking. When this happens, you become overwhelmed and inhibited. If you can overcome this one fault, you will leave a mark on the world, probably in some business venture.

Yin & Yang

Yin & Yang Of Chinese Element Wood

Yin Wood symbolizes the power that it requires for any fresh blast to push-up over the floor, a chick would need to crack from the hard shell of an egg, or maybe a baby desires to come out to the world. Yin Wood also signifies development and growth. Yin/Wood individuals are superior at pulling out the very best in other people, particularly in a sensible approach.

Yang Wood symbolizes the growing of the seed, the consequence of innovation, the heart and soul of creation. Yang/Wood individuals are usually innovative. These people are fantastic at starting off things however commonly desire that other people finish off just what have recently been started out.

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